Staying Sane During The Holiday Season

For years, maybe about 12, I have been lying to myself and saying that the holidays are blissful and full of joy, when every year, I was just finding ways to cope to barely get by. 

One year, I made 12 different types of Christmas cookies, having an extra layer of chaos made me feel like there was a reason for me to feel like I was going crazy. 

Another year, I made 2 handcrafted ornaments for presents for my family. I knew that was a disaster when I got glitter glue on a pair of work pants, while cookies burned in the over. 

Last year, my soul finally gave in and broke down. As I was driving to Target after my run one cold evening, I started having a mild panic attack, followed by uncontrollable sobbing, hiccups and ugly face included. I turned off the Christmas music, drove home and buried myself under my blankets while listening to Brazilian Samba. 

I have asked myself why does Christmas stress me out. And so many different answers came to mind...  The start of the celebration being el…

What I am Grateful For

Most days I go around being ungrateful, and some days even daring to complain of all my fortunes. This year, I want to make it a point to know and acknowledge the things that I take for granted in my life, and recognize how grateful I am for having them. 

1. The health of my son, my family and Roger- Growing up, my mom used to constantly remind us to be grateful for our health, my immature brain couldn't' understand why I should be grateful for something I couldn't see, or play with. But now I get it, each day that goes by and I know my loved ones are healthy, is a wonderful day. 

2. My job- Yes, some days I do not act thankful to have a job that pays me fairly, because after all, it is called work. But I am ever so thankful for the amazing people I work with, and the friends that I share so much of my life with. 

3. Music- It sounds so silly, but music makes my life more amazing. I am currently loving Anitta, J Balvin, Bunbury and Maluma... strange mix, I know, but all amazi…

I am So READY to Vote!

In most countries, the legal age for Voting is 18. I have been 18 for 18 years, and have not in my life participated in an elections. You cannot imagine how sad that statement makes me. But so is the life of an immigrant woman.

I couldn't vote in my countries elections, because I don't live there. And I couldn't vote here until this year, because just this year I became a citizen. When people asked me what was I most excited about with being a new citizen, I said 1. Voting, and 2. Committing crimes without the threat of being deported ( I have no intention of committing a crime, but if I happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, an immigration court could make it their job to get me deported, despite it being a first offense. But again, no intention of committing a crime)

Have I done my research on the candidates? For the most part. I know that my support is 100% behind Tom Wolf, our sitting Governor. He has moved the state forward in many issues, including LGBT …

Dressing UP

Happy Halloween!! I really like Halloween and dressing up, the other day when I was discussing ideas for costumes, my sister told me that the thought it was weird that I put to much effort into dressing up. I laughed! because it is true, I put a lot of effort into it and I LOVE doing it!

I started to think of why I dress up, and although I am not a train psychoanalyst, I can trace my need to dress up to an unfulfilled need from my childhood.

Short story- While in Kindergarten I was not allowed to participate in the Spring parade and dress up with my classmates. The teacher designed the float and assigned costumes to all the kids. I had really long black hair ( Like the other 10 girls in my class), but my teacher wanted ME to be the witch. My mom said "No WAY, my daughter will not be the witch and will not be participating." The rest of my sisters got to participate when their time came, and I secretly envied them.

And Now, I make up for that one time I wasn't allowed to …

What Is Going ON Around Here?

Dear blogosphere, forgive me, for I have been a bad blogger. So, what is going on? A while ago, our office had 3 employees resign within the period of 3 weeks, leaving me to scramble to do a lot of extra work. 

How did that affect the blog? In a few ways... I write my posts in the afternoons, when I get home; but for the last 4 months, I have had to bring work home, and have been so exhausted from work that I my body wants to do is Run the stress away, and when it's not possible to run, I want to sit in a dark room just recovering from all the extra human interaction. I'm an introvert, adding social interaction to my work makes my entire body tired. 

I also used downtime to read and comment on blogs, but with all the extra work, I barely had time to stay on top of my work, and the extra work. 

While I still have lots of catching up to do, with most of my fall races past, I hope to have more time to catch up with blogging; both reading and writing. I really do enjoy the running bl…

Week In Review - Long Week

Happy Sunday! Tomorrow I have off from work for Indigenous People Day... Ok, that's a lie... I have off for that other holiday that I don't acknowledge.


This week, I slowly got back to higher mileage, and even did a race.

I wanted to run 5 miles on Thursday, but the humidity was back and it was a hot and challenging run, my legs gave up at 4 miles.

After work on Friday, I went for a tempo 5 miles at Wildwood. The sun as about to set when I finished, so I rushed to finish and got in my car and left... the park closes at dusk and I didn't want to be there in the dark.

At the last minute, I signed up to run HARRC in the park 10 mile trail race. I had wanted to do this race in the past, but timing didn't quite work out, until this year. It was a very nice race, and I managed to place on my age group!

Total miles for the week : 19

Mothering, and Wiving 

As I mentioned last week, my son and I got into a little argument last week, by the time I picked him up on Tuesday,…

Week In Review - Falling Back

Hello there, how are you? I'm a little late with my post today, I had a rough day on Sunday and it carried over into Monday. Everything is fine, I was just emotionally not well.


I tried to pick up on my miles this week, because I signed up for the Hershey Half Marathon... I have been a race repeater this year, and couldn't miss out on running Hershey again. However, a few Maternal obligations kept me from fully committing to my running.

However, I did get around doing 2 days of weights!! Go me!


On Tuesday I attended my first ever PTO meeting. I have volunteered with my son's school for many years, but never once attended a PTO meeting... it answered so many questions!

My son's school had their annual Race for Education, where the kids run around the school for sections of the day. After their running, they had a silly string battle. It really did look like a lot of fun!

On Saturday we traveled to Lititz, PA. We were hoping to buy some tickets for the C…