Week In Review- The Week That Was Half Cancelled

Last week was scheduled to be INTENSE, most of my days were scheduled for something, and I was't really sure how I would accomplish all of it... read on to figure of how that mess went. 

Despite the rainy conditions all week, I was able to squeeze some good quality runs in this week. The one that felt the best was the Thursday run, after having been socializing for all the work day, I needed to recharge and spend some time with my own thoughts. 

Monday: 4 miles fartlek 
Thursday - 5 miles easy
Saturday- Kennett Run 5K
Sunday - 5 miles tempo (ish) 

This year we ran our 7th consecutive Kennett Run 5K. It rained the entire run, and only about half of the people showed up to race, but we had a great time. 


This week I had 2 baseball games scheduled, 1 field day and 1 concert. All of which got cancelled.

Enrique Bunbury, my favorite Spanish Rock singer, was schedule to come to Silver Springs MD on May 15. A concert on a Tuesday is not my favorite, and it falling on a day I h…

Friday Five - Before Traveling

Good Morning, and Happy Friday!! It has been a busy week at work and life, but tomorrow is Saturday and a race day!!

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy .

I love traveling and going away for the weekend, but before I leave my house, I need to prepare a few things at home. I used to not think about what things needed to be done to prepare for a return from vacation, I would be so excited to be traveling that my brain would only focus on packing for the trip. But returning from vacation is tiring, and stressful, so I make a list of things that I need to get done at my house, before going on vacation.

1. Take out the trash- I do this right as I am heading out the door. Trust me, this is the most important thing to do before going away for a few days.

2. Do The Laundry- I like preparing my work clothes for the week on Sunday, so when I'm traveling, I wash and prep everything the night before we leave for the trip. Also, when…

Niagara Falls Trip

Last weekend, my entire family traveled to Niagara Falls, NY. I had wanted to go for a long time, and I am glad that I finally got to it!

The drive took about 6 hours, with all the stops. But we played games, listened to NPR and took turns picking music.

We stopped for a bathroom break at Selinsgrove PA... and we ran into these strangers:

We agreed to meet for breakfast in 1 hour. 

When We arrived at Niagara falls, we drove by the Niagara River Rapids, and it looked amazing! We parked the car and agreed to all meet at the Visitor Center. Roger, my son and I went to the "Official Niagara Falls" Visitor Center. 

We had one of those " I am at the Visitor Center, where are YOU?".  The rest of my family was at the OTHER visitor center. 

I don't know why there is TWO visitor centers. 

After we found all of the family members, we headed to see the Waterfalls. It was AMAZING!!

My sister wanted all of us to do the Maid Of The Mist Boat ride, to get a full and up close view of t…

Week In Review - Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Monday! how are you today? I am coming to you with this post late today, it has been a busy week!


This week, I ran 5 days. But in my mind, only 3 of those runs really counted for something. Tuesday's run was a mix of easy and hills. I made the mistake of eating a yogurt a few minutes before running, and my stomach did not like that. While out on my run, I saw my friend Jodi, who I haven't seen in a while.

Then on Wednesday we did .15 intervals, with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. My legs felt great at the beginning, but by the end I started to feel that twitch on my right quad.

Friday I had to cut my long run short, I was really dragging in the heat, and not really meeting my pace goals. I considered it a win that the run was finished, since I wanted to quit at mile 3, 5 and 6.

Weights/ Other

I didn't do any weights this week. My schedule was just packed the entire week, and I didn't make weights a priority.

On Wednesday I went to a new dance workout cl…

5 Things About Being a Mom...

Happy Friday! I hope you are having a fantastic end of the week!! 

It's Mother's Day Weekend, and today I want to bring 5 facts about being a Mother, that were not really told to me about motherhood and children. 

I'm Linking up with the Friday five 2.0 ladies at Fairytales and Fitness and Running on Happy .

1. Candy is a great bribe- A long time ago, I took my son to Washington DC. It was our first time there, and it was just me and him. He was around 4, and I had recently separated from his Dad. So whenever he was about to throw a tantrum, I would offer him a marshmallow. I also offered him a marshmallow per block that we walked back to the hotel... it was a mile walk. Another time, I offered him a Hershey bar to keep him from freaking out about buying a toy. 

2. They are so Full of Energy- Yes, that is probably all the marshmallows the he was eating... but seriously, my kid is only tired when he has to do homework or get up for school. But from the hours of 7:30-9:30, they …

SUYB April 2018

Happy Show Us Your book day!! Today I'm linking up with Jana and Steph for Show Us Your Books.

I want to start with sharing a story about my library. I am constantly checking out books from my library, and paying fines. I recently checked with them that they had all my correct information. Well, two days later when I was trying to check out books on line, and I got a message that my library card was expired!! When I went into the library, they told me that they just wanted to check that all my information was up to date! UGH!!

Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate 3/5

This book was a pick from the Diverse Books Club, the theme this month was Poverty. I went into this book hoping and looking for the same magic I found in The One And Only Ivan, except this book was nothing like Ivan. Still touching, but not as moving. It was the story of a family who falls on really hard times, and the eldest son starts imagining a giant cat to cope. The story from the kids perspective was heartbreaking, but…