Week In Review- 3rd Birthday and a lot of Mud

Happy MONDAY! how are you today? I'm sore and tired, but so happy that it's Monday.

Monday - 3 easy miles and light weights
Saturday- 4 easy miles and pulling weights
Sunday - Squirrely Tail Twail Wun Half Marathon

On Monday after work, we went to the gym to run and do light weights. The only thing I want to report from that day, is the super adorably cute dumb bell!


Tuesday was an insane busy day at work, I missed out on the nice weather, but made up for it with having ice cream.

On Thursday, I met up with my sisters to travel to New York City for another Ricardo Arjona concert. My younger sister had a birthday earlier on the week, and all she wanted for her celebration, was to go to New York and see him again in concert. We had a great time singing and dancing. We also walked to Times Square for some pictures.

Birthday Sister, Me and sister #4, who was wearing the coolest necklace

Arjona is somewhere way down there on the stage

Blurry Times Square 1 am picture


The next day I was so tired, I almost used my emergency work Doritos.

On Sunday, I headed out in the rain for the Squirrely Tail Twail Wun Half marathon. It was the muddies, and wettest run EVER!! I'm not sure that the word trail run does it justice, it was mostly mud and water. I saw Megan there, who was so kind to wait for me at the finish line! She is so great ! and she also slayed that trail run!

The Before (aka clean) race picture

Post Race picture with Megan- I took this from her blog

I'll have more pictures for the recap, later this week.

Currently Reading

When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon. This is a super cute book about two Indian teenagers falling in love! It has been a welcomed change of pace on books.

How was your week?

Who else is celebrating birthdays this month?

What is n your "emergency food" stash?


  1. Sounds like a really busy week! That trail race sounds pretty tough with all the mud.

    1. It was crazy busy! just the way I like my weeks!

      It was rough, a lot of things hurt today.

  2. Did you guys drive home after the concert? How did you have the energy!?

    1. NO way! We slept in New York, at Hotel Pennsylvania, which was pretty cheap. We left NYC at 5:30 am, took the train to NJ and my sister drove back.

  3. I don't see any mud on either of you in that post race picture! I guess I'll have to wait for the recap to learn more....

    You'll be disappointed in my emergency food--it's Larabars...


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