Beer Runners- Running with Christopher McDougall

I first read Christopher McDougall's book back in 2012, I was running some, but nothing serious. I read the book as a recommendation from the Amazon's 100 Books to read in a lifetime. The book was, of course, amazing! After reading that he lived in Lancaster County, Pa, I wondered if one day he would be at a local race.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. McDougall in person at the Bird In Hand 5K race in 2015. He was a really awesome guy to talk to!

I heard about the Beer Runners trail run in December from Christopher McDougall's Twitter. And made a note to sign up for it. But right after that, my zumba studio announced they would be opening for 6 sessions this winter in another studio on Sundays, and I signed up immediately.

My friend Jodi reminded me of the run, and I made a list of pros and cons to chose if I would do the run, or the Zumba class. Both started at the exact same time, 1 hour away.

On one side, I had already paid for the zumba class, but I would have to run 10 miles after. Alone. And I had been looking forward to going to zumba all week!

On the other side, I could run along Christopher McDougall, when would this opportunity come again? I would run in a new place, and if needed, could run the other 3 miles later that day.

I picked the run in Lancaster.

We showed up to the Lancaster County Park around 11:30, there were some people, but more were arriving. A lot more people showed up closer to noon.

There was a warm up before the run, we missed most of it, because we couldn't hear the instructions, or because we arrived a bit late after using the bathroom.

The group looked to be maybe 100-120 people. We all split up on groups by distance, there was 3 miles, 5 miles and 7 miles. I went with the 7 milers. 

We took off for the woods, and there were hills right off from the start. I was worried about losing the pacer, not knowing the park, but there was enough people to follow. I stuck close to Jodi and Bekah. Roger was running in front of me for a while, he normally runs the first mile faster than me.

Christopher McDougall was running close to us around this time, I kept seeing him right ahead of us.

Roger running ahead of me.

A little past 1 mile, we heard a crashing sound behind us, and somebody yelled "Watch out!", as a herd of deer came running around us. it was amazing! they ran by us fast !

Right after this, we joined the 5 miler group. and I passed Roger, and another big group.

A runner who was in front of me slowed down and asked me my name. Her name was Angie, she was a tri-athlete. She was a really cool lady, a really fast runner too! After a steep and narrow run along a trail, we stopped to regroup and make sure everybody was caught up. It was then that I saw the pacer for my group was waay behind me, if Angie hadn't asked me to stop and wait for the others, I would have end up with the 5 mile group! Ooopps!!

The rest of the run was just as hilly as the first, with a very steep hill that we had to crawl close to the end. I carefully walked up this one.

The top was a great view of some of the park and some of Lancaster. We got our selfies!

Around mile 6, I was getting really hungry, only having had a bagel and coffee for lunch. So, I slowed down a lot, and almost walked the last mile. But kept on following Jodi, who had already run 6 miles that morning! I seriously want to grow up to be like her... I know she is younger than me, but I can still have dreams!

The run finished at 6.97 for me, so I ran to finish the 7 miles, then went to the car to get my jacket. I was cold and hungry.

The rest of the event was going to a pub for beer and a movie. Sadly, we were not able to participate on that, I needed to be back in Harrisburg by 4:00.

But we still went to Chillis for lunch, and got cheese fries!! so yummy! I was very cold for a long time after.

I would absolutely to this run again, I made the right choice!

If you could run next to an author, who would it be?
What author do you want to meet? for a while, I had a huge crush on Junot Diaz, he is my choice for next author to meet.
What food warms you up after a cold run?
Do you talk to random people at runs? I do, out of breath, but I love hearing about other's running adventures.
Have you run in a covered Bridge before? covered bridges are all the rage in PA!



  1. SO COOL! And what a cool race too! Those cheese fries look amazing. My favourite authour is Anne Lamott (only her non-fiction). LOVE HER.

    1. Those cheese fries were amazing!! I'm going to look her up now.

  2. I almost had the opportunity to run with Dana Ayers. I reviewed her book on my blog a few years ago and last year she contacted me to run with her when she was in town. But we couldn't make it happen! I'd like to run with any of my book club authors, actually! Scott Jurek would be fascinating but he'd outstride me in a heartbeat!

    1. Oh no! that sounds sucky!

      The local running group here ran with Scott Jurek when he was doing the AT. It looked like a fantastic experience!

  3. You, my friend, are hysterical. :P It is always a pleasure to get to run with you... even if I am not always chatty. I am sure glad you (and Rodger) decided to come out and join the fun. What a great experience!! See you TuTuThursday my friend.

    1. It's hard to be chatty when running up a mountain ! I get it! I hope we can make it next year too!

      See you tonight!

  4. That route looks awesome!if I go to the park will that trail be easy to find? It sounds like you made the correct choice that day!

    1. yes, the route was I think the yellow or blue. The park was huge! and it's not too far from here.

  5. This sounds like a fun race, and a REALLY cool opportunity! I'd love to run to Stephen King or JK Rowling. Actually...this sounds like a fun blog post idea...! Thanks for the inspiration haha!

    1. It really was! OmG! I can imagine the conversation with both those authors!! I used to love watching Craig Ferguson interview Stephen King, it was always a great interview.


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